Casa A
Buenos Aires, 2014

Casa A

Casa A

Good morning, ladies and gentleman. In the name of (Andra), the commander and the entire crew, welcome you aboard this flight to Sensitive Land, whose estimated duration is 1000hs., 30min.

For security reasons and to prevent interference with aircraft systems, portable electronic devices may not be used during takeoff and landing. Mobile phones must remain disconnected from the door lock until opened at the destination airport. Please check that your table is folded back in his fully upright seat and seat belt fastened. We remind you that smoking is not permitted on board.

Ms. And Mr.., Speaks to the purser. Fulfilling Civil Aviation rules we will make a demonstration on the location and use of emergency exits, life jackets, oxygen masks and Belts. It is important to pay attention:

Notice that there are 10 exit doors, each of which is marked with the word EXIT. On the lower side of the seats there are lights that illuminate emergency, marking escape routes.

Life jackets are located under your seats. Head is inserted through the opening, closing the front fastens and adjusts to the waist pulling the end. To inflate pull tight red shooter. Always on the outside of the aircraft. If necessary, you can inflate by blowing into the tube.

In case of depressurization, opens automatically positioned above their seats compartment containing oxygen masks.

In that case, pull the mask, place it over your nose and mouth and breathe normally.
Each seat has a belt that fastens inserting the corresponding loop in its catch. To release, simply lift the catch tab.

As an additional precaution, we recommend you stay with buckled during the flight. Thank you very much for your attention and happy flight!