Yes, she forgot about it
Sofa art space
Berlin 2016

I went to visit a landfill recently, I’d seen it from an airplane, it is essentially mimicking the naturally occurring mountain, but covered in white foil and pierced periodically with huge metal studs, it’s opening operated by huge trucks, crushing and spraying, rustling flocks of the birds away from the oceans of plastic bags; it looked more local to a sci-fi film set than the country side. It is a spectacle, not something to be hidden behind the suburban mountains like it is. Seeing some of Ana’s recent works, this epic landfill came to mind, where I can see more clearly this dynamic between waste and production. I don’t think that Ana is trying to sublimate ‘disposable’ waste products in her work when she incorporates fake-gold chains, nor do I think she’s trying to present a dogmatic engagement with ecological issues by working with the highly designed refuse that decorates our environments. Her use of gips to take a positive form from the sleek interior spaces of packaging is a false friend to the laboured skin of marble figurative sculpture, but maybe these are bodily ancestors … but now they are delicate, and are fused with the detritus of the forests that scantily surround the grubby cannel of Berlin.